Indica or Sativa? How many times have you even asked this question? How many times does trying to figure out the difference between the two make you feel like you’re already stoned and might not need either? How many times have you just picked one because you weren’t totally sure what they were talking about but it was a bit embarrassing to ask? Well I’m happy to let you know that this is the place for you. I am here to go into depth about the big two when it comes to cannabis, and hopefully after you read this, you’ll be ready to make a more informed choice on your next purchase. So without further ado…


The shorter and bushier of the two subspecies of the cannabis plant, Indicas are more colloquially known as the sleepy time herb, which has given rise to the memory technique of referring to them as “in da couch” to remind people of the sleepy effects that come when dealing with them.  This is in no way me advocating that cannabis be used as a sleep aid. That choice I leave up to you and your own medical health professional. What I am saying, is that is one of the documented side effects of inhaling an indica strain, though it isn’t the only effect. An outstanding number of people report an uptick in relaxation and appetite stimulation. So all those movies and stereotypes that come to mind when you think of smokers are usually effects that are associated with Indicas


The other side of the proverbial cannabis coin are sativas. Powerful in their own right, Sativas are the under rated heavy hitters of the cannabis community. A number of people ask for Indicas exclusively citing they tend not to feel Sativas as much. These people tend to stare stunned when you explain to them that it’s not that Sativas don’t have effects or have weaker effects than it’s indica counter parts.  It’s that Sativa has a different set of effects. Characteristically, Sativas are considered more uplifting and tend to be more focused mind highs as Indicas are less localized and set to effect all over the body. This mind high has more of an affect on alertness and creativity. Some people cite euphoria as something they have felt while dealing with Sativa strains.

So, hopefully, this short guide will help you pick your next strain. Generally keeping in mind that indicas (in da couch) are known as sedative and sativas as the opposite, are a great start when picking your next stash. Each strain is unique with it’s terpene profile and each grow can effect that further, but the controlled production of the LPs (licensed producers) helps to create consistency. Always feel free to ask your Buzztender when you’re in store. There’s no such thing as a bad question!

Stay buzzing everyone!

– Felix Eboh